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We provide an unbiased view of your business fair market value. The BizWorth team has 20+ years’ experience in the transactional and appraisal side of businesses in NZ. We are continually updating our algorithms and data sets to reflect market changes.
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Our clever system interviews you, comparing answers across thousands of established business sale stats and data points utilising intelligent algorithms, technology and powerful equations to drill down on an accurate opinion of the fair market value of the subject business.
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Our system is sleek, quick and affordable. Every business owner should quickly know the value of their business at any point in time and at an affordable and realistic price. Traditional players charge upwards of $5,000 per appraisal and take weeks; ours is $79.95+gst and instant!
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23-Page Business Appraisal
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Why Get An Appraisal

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Business Buyers

Get a second opinion. Frequently, buyers are bewildered as to how the seller arrived at their asking price, sometimes that asking price is not based on any rhyme or reason. Before getting too involved in a purchase, it is an excellent idea to determine if the asking price is in the right ballpark and armed with a BizWorth report, this can assist further price negotiations.
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Succession Planning

The decision to sell a business rarely happens overnight, and neither should the planning. A key element of the preparation is an objective opinion of your business's value. This is important for setting reasonable expectations and a fair asking price. It's also important because there are some definite steps you can take to enhance the value and saleability of your business.
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Business Sellers

If your planning to sell your business within one year, it's time to get a BizWorth report. Setting the wrong price, or even the right asking price without any documentation supporting it can be deadly. Also, there is a lot you can and should do to make your business more saleable, and more valuable if you don’t wait until it’s too late.
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Marriage & Business Break-Ups

Unfortunately, disagreements are frequent in lots of aspects of marriage and business breakups, and the value of a business that’s part of such is no exception. It is typical for contesting parties to each retain independent business appraisals to determine fair and amicable asset splits for each party.
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Bank, Legal & Accounting

An up-to-date and accurate fair market value can provide necessary information for a range of requirements and situations by professional bodies. Bankers may require such for loan approvals, Lawyers for settlements, litigation and negotiations, and for Accountants in assigning intangible values in balance sheets.
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Internal Planning & Curiosity

Just as people like to check their share portfolio value from time to time, owners like to get an idea of their business's value and changes in its value. Plan the future value of your business by firstly understanding its current fair market value, which helps align business strategy and planning to reach a future business value.
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